How To Reconnect, Bring Joy and Fun Back To Your Marriage,

And Be A Team Again, in 8 Weeks ... Without Marriage Counseling

Hi There! We're

Meredith & Craig

We Help Entrepreneurs Save their Marriage Without Expensive, Ineffective, and Painful Marriage Counseling

Hi There! We're

Meredith & Craig

We Help Couples Save their Marriage Without Expensive, Ineffective, and Painful Marriage Counseling

Welcome To

Over the last 4 Years, we've been helping unhappy couples have the marriage of their dreams.

Sure, this About Page shares a little bit about us, but it's really about YOU.

It's about how you can leverage the knowledge and experience we've gained over the years, so you can finally break through your challenges and achieve the results that you've been looking for... So you can finally have the marriage you have always wanted, and quite frankly, the marriage that you deserve.

How It All Started.

As cliche as it is, we met in a bar. We both worked for the same company in a big office tower downtown. Three colleagues happened to be retiring at the same time. The company celebrated them at the local watering hole. Craig happened to know one of them and Meredith happened to know another one of them.

Neither of us were planning to go...but the universe had other plans. Something told each of us to go. So we did. We met, and were amongst the last to leave that night. Odd for two people who like to be home, and asleep by 9pm. We began dating from that point on, never looked back, and the rest, as they say, is history.

We worked for that same company up until the pandemic. We had been working on ourselves, on becoming the best versions of ourselves and when the pandemic struck and the world changed forever, we realized we were both unhappy and unfulfilled in an office tower.

Over the years, we've had people constantly comment about the strength of our relationship and ask us for help with theirs. We knew we had to share our gift with the world, so we started Road of Life Coaching.

Facing Big Challenges.

Neither of us had great relationship role models. We are both products of divorced parents. We even have a set of divorced grandparents, so we both know firsthand the devastation divorce brings to a family. We know the ripple effects divorce has on kids and their future relationships. We both suffered in unhealthy relationships for years.

Craig went through his own divorce (and unhelpful marriage counseling) which led to the lowest point of his life. He had deep feelings of shame, guilt, and like a complete failure for years. Meredith suffered a serious breakup. She remained single for so long after that, she questioned her own self worth, identity and whether there was something wrong with her.

In short we both felt like we were all sorts of messed up and had a lot of work to do on ourselves.

How To Save Your Marriage

Without Spending Months in Marriage Counseling

Discover the 4-Step Process to Reconnect With Your Spouse And Reignite The Spark Back In Your Marriage And Enjoy The Process.

Building The Expertise.

We dove in and obsessed about undoing all the $#!t we had learned from the bad relationships we experienced. We went to seminars, workshops, retreats, and events. We broke wooden blocks with our palms and arrows with our throats (seriously!). We received and gave shoulder massages to complete strangers (don't ask). We invested thousands and thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours on coaching and mentorship.

We got deeply uncomfortable and learned a lot of nonsense and things that didn't work. We also learned a lot about what does, and as we did, our relationship strengthened and our bond deepened. As it did, people would ask us for help with their relationships,

We learned a ton... and did a lot of weird $#!t, and we took the nuggets from all of it. And because we did, now you don't have to put your hands on a complete strangers butt, to help them over an imaginary wall while pretending to be soldiers escaping capture (again, best not to ask).

Helping YOU Succeed.

By now you are probably asking yourself "what does this have to do with me? and "did you really do that the thing with the stranger's butt?" We get it, we would too... and... yes.

What it means for you though, is you can skip the ineffective and expensive marriage counseling. You can skip the guesswork trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. We did the research. We consulted the best in the field. We put in the hours of work so you don't have to... We have taken all the books, podcasts, seminars, retreats, masterminds, workshops, coaching and weird butt stuff we did and distilled into what works.

We have learned to lean into what makes us unique. How we can serve the world and help ensure that others don't go through what we had to endure. We have created a system that has everything you need to have an amazing, happy, healthy marriage. Our system takes a heavy and dark situation and makes it a fun process where you actually look forward to showing up and doing the work, so that your family stays together.

Your Time Is Now.

Today, we have the honor of working with an amazing community of superheroes saving their families.

And we want the same for you...

Imagine if you finally broke through... What if you were able to have a healthy happy marriage once and for all?

What would your life look like if you were:

  • Actually talking again? Meaningful conversations, not just about who's picking up the kids from soccer practice?

  • Planning and building your dream future together? And you had an "Us vs. The World" energy that makes you feel unstoppable?

  • Both forgiven for the past and the trust was back again? With all the past issues, and arguments are fully behind you?

  • The happiest you have ever been? And your self-worth and your self-confidence were at all-time highs?

  • No longer spending your time and energy on trying to build your business and in the back of your mind worrying about losing it all because you neglected your family responsibilities.

  • More energized knowing your marriage is on strong foundation and you have even more energy than ever for your business and your health.

  • What would that be like for you?

The next step is up to you. Click the button below to get the process started.

Over the past several months, I've had the privilege of being guided by the truly dynamic duo of Meredith and Craig, the founders of Road of Life Coaching. They've helped me navigate the intricate landscape of my relationship and ultimately strengthen my bond with my partner. I took the program at my own pace and had amazing support throughout the journey.


Superhero Partner and Mom

Meet The Team

Meredith MacKay

Founder, Coach

aka MacKay. Loves rules, processes, order and efficiency. All around Badass and most empathetic human you will ever meet. She feels what you feel as strongly as you feel it. Her emotions pour from her eyeballs. Has a borderline unhealthy obsession with saltine crackers and believes squirrels are just rats with better PR.

Craig Bennett

Founder, Coach

aka Bennett. Basically a giant kid with a ginger beard. Loves any game that involves a ball and seeing how many of MacKay's rules he can get away with breaking (Spoiler Alert: not many). Has un uncanny ability to give you the kick in the ass you need and make it feel like a giant warm hug. Can crush a bag of Chicago Mix like Popeye does spinach.